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"My hips were worn out from long distance running, truck driving, and general hard use working on a ranch. I could barely walk with the use of a cane for two years before I decided to have the hip replacements. Recovery was pretty fast; I was back to work without pain in five weeks. I drive about five hours 2-3 days per week. I had great physical therapy at Dueker Fee. I had the second hip replaced within 10 months. I did the physical therapy on my own using the lessons from the first replacement.  I have completed the 2011 and 2012 Fresno Classic Bicycle Ride (35 miles). I also completed the 2011 Grizzley Loop the Lake Bicycle Ride (25 miles with 5000 ft climb) and plan on completing the 2012 ride. I am totally happy with my replacements and highly recommend Dr. Gill to everyone I hear is having trouble with their hips or knees. My cousin, Jim Cowan, saw how good I was getting around and had his hip replaced by Dr. Gill. Everyone at the office is very friendly and courteous." -- Faustina W.

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