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"I had a wonderful experience during a difficult time regarding my right shoulder. Dr. Eric Hanson and his team are extraordinary. I first encountered his physician's assistant Greg Mellor a couple months ago. Mr. Mellor was extremely kind, understanding, and knowledgeable. He described to me in full detail of the many possibilities of my injury. I felt comfortable in his presence and he made me feel as though time was not an issue. This was the third surgery that I had in the last two years. Needless to say I have a lot of experience with many different surgeons, hospitals, medical staff, and all those that make having a surgery possible. The day of my surgery I met Dr. Hanson and he was extremely kind and thorough. He answered all of my and my husband's questions regarding the procedure that he was about to perform. His anesthesiologists was also a very pleasant, easy-going, and approachable. The anesthesiologists name didn't expect the complexity of my injury. However, the entire team does an amazing job and explained to my husband the nature of my injury in full. I felt very comfortable, safe, and blessed to be in such wonderful hands. I would highly recommend Sierra Pacific Orthopedics to anyone who has any type of orthopedic need. Thank you so much for all that you have done." -- Patricia S.

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