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"Recently I had a work related on the job injury to my back. I was so pleased I was able to see my primary physician, Dr. Rod Kraft. Dr. Kraft goes way beyond the usual office visit to make sure every detail of your condition is taken care of and explained to me in common lay terms what my problem is and that it was going to take time to heal. I didn't want to take time off from work, but he insisted it would be impossible for me to continue and more damage would be done. Of course he was right. From scheduling for an MRI (thanks Angela) to setting up appointments for other doctors has been so smooth. His entire staff has been so helpful and professional. Just being at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics gives you a secure feeling with so many professionals and also the facilities from the X-Ray department to Summit Surgery Center. It's peace of mind that you are being well taken care of." -- Darwin B.

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