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"Having recently retired from 35 years in education, I finally decided to check out an annoying problem with my right knee. As a former runner, and now 60, my knee ached with pain from simple walking and bending motions. After having my personal physician look at my knee, we agreed that a referral to Dr. Hanson was in order. Dr. Hanson quickly diagnosed that the cartilage in my right knee was beginning to wear thin and eventually I would need a knee replacement. In order to delay surgery, Dr. Hanson suggested OrthoVisc injections to help with the joint movement and pain. I have been receiving the injections (every three to six months) for a year and a half. It has dramatically improved my activity level and pain comfort. As an avid golfer, before the injections I would play once a week and take another week for the pain to subside. I can now play back-to-back days without taking timeout for recovery. I recently played five days straight, with the assistance of a brace made by an associate of Dr. Hanson's. All in all, the experience with Dr. Hanson and his office staff has been terrific." -- Andrew V.

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