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"I have been utilizing Sierra Pacific Orthopedics for several years. Dr. Tanner has always been the physician taking care of my medical needs. This time I saw him initially, however, his associate Dr. Johnson performed the surgery on my hand. I cannot express enough my admiration for Dr. Tanner. I am very pleased that he has an associate such as Dr. Johnson to rely on as well. Dr. Johnson is kind, caring, and did a wonderful job on my hand. He has also treated my husband in the past for shoulder issues. My husband is a building contractor and after his surgery he is pain free and able to perform his duties as he did before his injury.

I do not think you could find any other physician/surgeons who are as ethical and as highly trained as these two. They provide the highest standards of care to their patients at all times. Their staff who support them in their offices are kind and caring and highly trained as well. Thank you to these special physicians and the other staff at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics. We appreciate all you do." -- Sandra L.

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