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"I had a bunionectomy in October of 2007 done by a podiatrist. Unfortunately, it was not a good experience. First of all, I felt part of the surgery. When I relayed this to the podiatrist, he told me that was not possible. When he tried to make another cut and I reacted, he believed me. Secondly, I developed an infection immediately following the surgery. He was on vacation for a week immediately following my surgery, so I had to see anther podiatrist for treatment. The results from the surgery were not satisfactory so I decided to seek additional medical advice after allowing 18 months for healing. At that point, I contacted Dr. Glaser as to what to do.

In September of 2009, I decided to have surgery to repair the damage. Two screws were placed in my foot to correct the problem created by the first surgery. Fortunately, I had an uneventful recovery period - everything went, as it should. I am so thankful to Dr. Glaser, and his staff for their skill and knowledge of the foot. I have told all my friends and all who ask, if you have foot problems, do not seek assistance from anyone other that a true specialist, Dr. Glaser. One does not realize how important feet are until a problem arises. Thank you, Dr. Glaser!" -- Sharon M.

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