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"On May 9, 2011, after years of extreme knee pain, I entered Fresno Surgical Hospital in the hope of an outcome that would at least lower my pain level. Dr. Eric Hanson had been recommended to me by numerous people, and after seeing another doctor in the area I decided to see Dr. Hanson. It was the best decision I ever made in my life! After seeing his physician assistant, surgery was scheduled for May 9th. I had reached the place where any pain was better than what I was enduring daily. Within a day after surgery, I knew that I had made the right choice! The surgery pain was already less than the previous knee pain. My progress was spectacular! At my two week check up I already had 90-degree movement and drove myself home from the office! I had no problems with swelling and my physical therapy was right on track. By my sixth week exam, I was at 140 degrees and my knee felt great! The only downside to my story is that in Nov. of 2011 while riding my bike down Hwy 1 in Pismo, I took a spill and now need a rotator cuff surgery! Needless to say I'll be seeing Dr. Hanson for that after the first of the year. I know every knee surgery does not turn out as well, but I think your chances are much better if you choose Sierra  Pacific Orthopedics. My son is having a total shoulder replacement next week and we hope he also has a very good result!" -- Leta R.

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