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"We first met with Dr. Ghazal as he has done surgery on my son and husband. He explained my injury and said surgery was needed sooner than later, but he was unable to do it as he was headed to a medical conference. Dr. Ghazal referred us to Dr. Schulz.  She was very informative, explained my injury, and what the surgical options might be.  She also explained the final decisions would not be made until she could see first hand what the extent of my injuries were.

The surgery went very well in spite of my injury being more extensive than the X-ray and MRI indicated. My healing is on schedule and the pain was very minimal. We return on August 9th for follow-up X-rays to see how well the leg and knee have healed. I am looking forward to walking again and not having to sleep with the big leg brace. I have been doing the knee bending exercises and my husband, who has had three total knee replacements, says I am doing very well. Thank you for the excellent care I received." -- Carol D.

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