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"I am a former Division 1 college football athlete who got lucky and never had a serious injury requiring surgery while playing. However since my career ended in 2005, I have had three surgeries on my right knee and one surgery to reattach my left pectoral tendon that snapped while weight training. My personal best experience with Dr. Hanson was about two weeks after my second knee surgery where they just cleaned out some scar tissue. I scheduled an appointment because my stitches popped open due to unusual swelling and my knee felt like it was really hot. Upon looking at my knee Dr. Hanson took a culture of what he drained out of my knee. After a day or two passed, my knee was still feeling unusual and the pressure was building again, so I called the amazing staff at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics and they instructed me to come right in. When I showed up Dr. Hanson was waiting for me and with one look at my knee came some really bad news.  He said the culture came back and you have MRSA, which is a really bad infection. He wasted no time and called the hospital and arranged for me to be seen immediately to have a pick line inserted into my arm. As soon as I arrived back at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics, the staff was waiting for me and prepped me for immediate surgery! I had no idea at that time how serious my condition was but I never worried for one second because how safe Dr. Hanson and the entire staff made me feel. After a successful surgery, I awoke to none other than Dr. Hanson, the same face I saw just before they put me out.  Dr. Hanson is absolutely the best!!! I look back at the whole situation and what could of happened had Dr. Hanson not acted as fast as he did, and it scares me. I could have easily lost my leg or my life if the infection spread out of control. My family and I are so thankful that we have one of the best doctors around, right here in the Central Valley!  Thanks again to everyone at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics and Summit Surgical." -- Todd G.

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