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"I received a knee injury at work in January and had just "okay" care with another facility for a couple of months. I was unhappy with the level of care where I was. I was told, "This is as good as it’s going to get. There is nothing surgical, so there is nothing we can do." After asking around to friends and co-workers I was referred to Dr. Thomas. I was immediately taken care of and began an aggressive regimen of medications and physical therapy. Only after a couple of weeks the pain started to improve by leaps and bounds.  After completing my physical therapy, I was again able to walk, run, exercise, and play with my toddler daughter as well as getting back to work and all the other fun outdoor activities my family loves. We have spent the last few weeks camping, hiking, and fishing.  I am so very grateful for the exceptional care provided to me by Dr. Thomas, his nurse practitioner Lisa, Kelly and Rick from physical therapy as well as the countless physical therapy aids that encouraged me to work harder and helped rehabilitate my knee back to where it is today. Thank you." -- Shayla N.

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