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"I was on vacation in Europe and I slipped on the street and cracked my ankle in 2 locations. I saw the doctor on the ship and he set my ankle in a temporary cast. I purchased a boot in Barcelona the next day and began contacting Sierra Pacific Orthopedics through the Internet. The next day I had an appointment for the following Monday. Needless to say the flight home was miserable. My flight was cancelled and had to spend an extra night then get rerouted across Europe and the U.S. to get home. The flights were booked solid and I could not upgrade. Dr. Dunklin saw me immediately. I have never had to wait long for my appointments and Dr. Dunklin is wonderful. My ankle is healing, but I'm still on a knee scooter, but I sure can scoot fast. Thank you Sierra Pacific Orthopedics for wonderful, professional care." -- Nikki S.

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