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"Dr. Glaser is the best physician to have treated me. I appreciate that Dr. Glaser gets right to the point and is friendly. I think he truly cares about his patients. I appreciated that everything I should expect was explained to me in advance. The slight discomfort that I still have and the fact that I am not up to distances or times that I would like to see out on the walking or running trails will come.  I know I will get there. I am currently training to participate in the upcoming Two-Cities half-marathon in November. I know because of Dr. Glaser's surgery and follow-up care and instructions I will do it. I am 69 years old so I'm glad that he repaired things so I can do this. My goal is to shorten my bucket-list wherever I can. Completing a marathon is on the list. Sierra Pacific Orthopedics’ physical therapists sent me home with two important exercises to do. I keep up on those. So far, so good! Thanks to all for giving me my freedom back." -- Charlene S.

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