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"I received my new knee from Dr. Gill on June 30, 2011. MANY THANKS FOR THAT! I walked up both flights of stairs for my two-week post-op appointment. I did that more for my head than my knee, I'm sure!  Because I've had an active life up until now, and am unwilling to settle for less. I chose to think of physical therapy as my second job. For the first two months after surgery I repeated my therapy exercises after each meal everyday.  I have no regrets!  Eleven months after surgery I climbed up to Yosemite Fall (listed as a "strenuous hike") with friends. My friends had to work hard to keep up with me! Instead of slowing down at age 59, I think I'm picking up speed. I'm your biggest fan, Dr. Gill and staff!" -- Cindy M.

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