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"It's been just about four months since Dr. Glaser performed surgery on my right ankle to repair a non-union fracture of the Talus. Before going to Dr. Glaser, I had severe pain and swelling every day. It had been seven months since my prior surgery for a fracture/dislocated ankle and there wasn't one day that I didn't have pain. It prevented me from doing any physical activities.

After surgery with Dr. Glaser, each day I could tell my ankle was improving. Both him and Joanna Garcia were very professional and explained in detail my injury, the need to correct it, and the type of surgery I would be having. Even though I dreaded another surgery, I felt very confident with their knowledge and ability to perform a successful Triple Arthrodesis. I consider myself very blessed that my PCP Patricia Quintana-VanHorn recognized my need to be referred to another specialist and that she chose Dr. Glaser. I also want to thank his staff and all who participated in my care. They have always been professional and friendly. Thank you Dr Glaser for improving my quality of life." -- Starla H.

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