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"My experience up to this point with Sierra Pacific Orthopedics has been exceptional. I have always been amazed at how you guys service so many patients and yet do so on time and efficiently. I have had several operations and procedures at SPOC and in all cases the services and care was superior to anywhere else I have ever been. I have had ten operations  in total and the 11th will happen on August 23 as Dr. Thaxter and the medical staff will be repairing my knee. I have been operated on in numerous cities such as Detroit, Michigan, Newark, New Jersey, and Valencia, California. Nothing has matched Sierra Pacific Orthopedics and I don't expect that to change. Drs. Watson, Wiens, Thaxter, and others have all helped me and taken the time to make everything completely clear and understandable. They leave no stone unturned and never make promises they don't expect to deliver.

I must commend one individual though, Dorothy, the surgery scheduler in Dr. Thaxter's office. Talk about someone who makes you feel cared for and cared about. She goes way outside the bounds of any job assignment to make totally sure that you have every answer and detail you could ever ask or want. She does so in a manner that makes you feel like family and there is nothing that evokes more confidence and security than that. I big thank you goes to Dorothy, the doctors, and the staff including the X-Ray, lab people, receptionists, and everyone else that plays a role on the Sierra Pacific Orthopedics team. God Bless." -- Don T.

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