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"I was referred to Sierra Pacific Orthopedics through a good friend of mine. I needed knee replacement and was referred to Dr. Eric Hanson. I was first seen by Greg and was very impressed by him. I had an MRI in Merced, California with the X-rays told me that I was experiencing bone on bone. Dr. Hanson came in and confirmed. Everyone was very pleasant. I instantly had good vibes with the personnel. I had the replacement surgery and have since referred eight people to Dr. Hanson. They all have had knee replacements and one shoulder surgery. They are all very satisfied and I will continue to refer people to Sierra Pacific Orthopedics.

I also had neck problems and asked Dr. Hanson for a referral to a Nero surgeon and was referred to Dr. Henry Aryan. I was impressed with him and had a five-disc fusion. It was very successful. I have referred two people to him and was also impressed. One had a very serious surgery, but is doing well. I am currently going to Greg for injections as I am going to have another knee replacement and will have Dr. Hanson perform the surgery.  Sierra Pacific Orthopedics is state of the art!" -- Ray F.

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