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"Dr. Rod Kraft has been my primary physician for 16 years. I value his experience and care. I have remained fairly healthy during this time, but I know Dr. Kraft is there when I am ill. For conditions beyond his expertise, Dr. Kraft has referred me to several doctors at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics and to specialists outside of Sierra Pacific Orthopedics when necessary.Dr. Tanner and his associates are caring for my bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritic thumbs. I have recently seen Dr. Toby Johnson and Steven Goss, P.A. for treatment of this condition. I anticipate that I will have to have surgery soon but I am not afraid to put my hands in Dr. Tanner's care. Dr. Dunklin has treated my foot injury. Dr. Wiens has performed two nerve conduction studies on me; with calm, gentle attention.I appreciate all of the physicians, physician assistants, nurses, medical assistants, and front office personnel I have come in contact with at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics and feel fortunate to receive medical care there." -- Jean K.

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