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"After many years of arthritic pain and loss of hand strength and dexterity, my Rheumatoligist the wonderful Dr. Charles Boniske of Visalia referred me to Dr. Cary Tanner. Before making a solid decision, Dr. Tanner informed me as to what was making my hand so painful and losing my strength. To be blunt the joints in my thumb are wore out, and he found a tumor on my right index finger. The flexor tendon in the palm of my hand is drawing tight and has a chance to rupture, if so I can lose the use of my hand. The joints in my first 3 fingers are also worn out.

I had my first surgery on the 13th of June for the tumor removal with bone graft from my right knee. The surgery was a great success with no pain that’s right NO PAIN! The scar is hardly visible. I'm scheduled for the most intensive surgery on the 22nd of August. I have complete faith that all will go well. Dr. Tanner is very thorough and has your best interest at heart. He has a very calming manner about him that puts you at ease and is very complete in his summation of your health concerns. His staff speaks very highly of him and what a caring a good boss he is. The staff is very professional and takes care of your concerns with the utmost most professionalism Thanks to all of your for FIRST RATE CARE. Also, a special thanks to Sierra Summit Surgical for outstanding care during my surgery." -- Norma R.

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