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"I had a stroke at work on May 23, 2012. I was in St. Agnes for two days recovering. I really needed to follow up with a doctor, but I could not get into see a neurologist. I called Dr. Kraft's office and they took me in right away. I was very weak. Dr. Kraft saw me at the end of May and bent over backwards to help me. He wrote a prescription for a walker, because I was too weak to walk. He did the referral process to get me into see a neurologist. When I kept getting put off by the neurologist’s office and they wouldn't make an appointment for me, I went back and talked to Dr. Kraft and he got me an appointment with another neurologist. Dr. Rod Kraft got me into OT, PT, and Speech Therapy as soon as he could. He really listened and helped me above and beyond when it was hard to get appointments. Dr. Kraft is a doctor I respect. I know that he cares about his patients. He is a great Doctor. He has been our family doctor for over 20 years. He goes out of his way to serve. 

When my daughter was on a running scholarship in college and came home one weekend with foot fractures. He was kind to see her and make sure she got correct medical care. He also wrote a note to the coach letting her have the time off to heal. This caring doctor really has blessed our family. My son, who is now 24, was once a little Boy Scout. He had a big awards ceremony to go to for scouts but he had broken his wrist at school. Dr. Kraft saw him near 6:00 p.m. and stayed after his own workday to put a cast on Matthew so he could attend his ceremony. Dr. Kraft cared and went above and beyond. It made Matt feel so special that he could go to the scout event. I think all of the staff had gone home by the time Dr. Kraft finished. Dr. Kraft is one in a million. Thank goodness for the great man he is." -- Norma S.

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