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"On June 27 of this year I had my right shoulder operated on by Dr. Hanson. From the moment I stepped foot into Sierra Pacific Orthopedics I felt welcomed and that ease. The entire staff from the MRI department to the X-ray department, physician assistant Greg Mellor, and the doctor himself was kind, considerate, and very professional. This is my third surgery in less than two years. However this is my first time dealing with Sierra Pacific Orthopedics. I can honestly say that it was the best experience I've had in my life when it came to treatment of people as well as being taken care of. I've endured a lot of pain and a lot of uncertainty concerning my condition. These last two years have been extremely difficult for me to handle because I never knew what exactly was wrong with me. I had seen numerous doctors and unfortunately many of them made me feel as though they didn't care about my health or well-being. I always felt like I was being rushed in their office and when I had a question it's almost as if I was bothering them. The entire staff at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics took the time to treat me as if I was family. I never felt rushed and I never felt like I was bothering them. I am so grateful to be treated as such a fine facility. I would recommend this facility to anybody, specifically my own family. I am a mother of four and believe me when I say that feeling at ease when you're getting ready to endure surgery by those who are better performed the surgery is so pivotal. I can't thank the entire staff enough. May God bless you all as well as your families." -- Patricia S.

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