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"During my freshmen year of college, I fell off my long board and broke my wrist and Dr. Johnson did surgery on it a few months later. Dr. Johnson is easily the most personable doctor I've ever seen. I am a member of the Fresno State Bulldog Marching Band, and every time I saw him, he would ask me about band. The next year, Dr. Johnson did surgery on my boyfriend's elbow, and Dr. Johnson would check on how I was doing. Most recently, my sister had wrist surgery by him too. I also started having issues with my wrist again, and while I was seeing his physician assistant, Steve, he came into the exam room and checked up on me. During my follow up appointment, I was supposed to see Steve again; instead Dr. Johnson handled my appointment. And after two years, he still checked up on how band was going. I recommend him to everyone I know if they are having wrist, elbow, or shoulder problems. He is the best!" -- Alyssa J.

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