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"I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with the entire Sierra Pacific Orthopedic team, from Dr. Thaxter, to P.A.Reynoso, to my wonderful physical therapists Joe and Becky, to the surgical staff at Summit Surgery. I had a frustrating condition called "frozen shoulder" that had plagued me for months. It is a painful condition that causes one to gradually lose their free range of motion in the affected shoulder. Dr. Thaxter was quick to diagnose the problem and made every effort to try and avoid surgery but in my case, the condition had gotten so bad that I had to go forward with surgery. That was just over a month ago and I have made a quick recovery having already regained 95% of my range of motion. I am so grateful to everyone who was associated with my care, therapy, and recovery. I so appreciated their professionalism, compassion, and positive attitude. Thanks to you all!" -- Kerri L.

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