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"My experience with Dr. Rod Kraft was an absolute answer to prayer. After two years of going to a pain management doctor, having an MRI on my back, and having a series of shots in my lower lumbar area, I was not getting any better. I had an appointment with Dr. Kraft and his diagnosis of the major problem being my hip was truly a miracle. He immediately got an appointment for me with Dr. Thomas Thomas and nurse practitioners, Ken and Lisa, and rather quickly I was in the Fresno Surgical Hospital with Dr. Thomas Thomas successfully performing left hip replacement surgery on me. This surgery was on June 13 and I am doing quite well now and I am not needing a walker or cane anymore. Thank you Drs. Kraft and Thomas and nurse practitioners, Ken and Lisa, and all the wonderful people at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics, and Fresno Surgical Hospital." -- Conrad S.

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