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"I am a frequent visitor since I have had many operations at Sierra Pacif and other treatments. All of my treatments and procedures have been exceptional and the doctors have been the best I have ever encountered. I have lived in Metro Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Detroit, and St. Louis and found none better orthopedic group. What truly sets you guys apart as well is your support staffs and their demeanor. I have often preached and praised the expert and "family" atmosphere that they offer. Dorothy has always been so good and patient with anything and everything I have every asked of her as a surgery scheduler or in any other capacity. She seems to know everything a patient could ever want to know. Lately, upon checkout, I have been dealing with Kylie and she could not possibly be better. She also knows and handles most anything I could ask.  Kylie seems to always remember my first name without even looking at her paperwork and to me that shows concern and caring. The receptionist position is always filled with a person who is efficient and polite. From your facilities, to your staff, to your doctors, the care and concern for patients at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics is top shelf!!" -- Don T.

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