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"Total knee replacement to be done in December of this year. I participated in all sports in high school, but excelled in football and basketball. Having scholarship offers in both football and basketball, I decided to hone my skills in basketball at Merced College. Both years we placed four state titles. I was then lucky to earn a full athletic scholarship to The University of Texas in Austin, Texas and played there two years. I then pursued my studies at The University of Texas Health Science Center Dental School and obtained my DDS in 1984. Needless to say, these old bones have just worn out. I now have very little meniscus left and will eventually need both knees replaced. I have been dealing with the pain too long and look forward to having this done. Being 58 has limited my 360 dunks as I can only dream of returning to those college years! I look forward to having this surgery done by the best!!  Three weeks and counting!! Maybe those 360 dunks isn't out of the question!!" -- Jeff B.

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