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"In August of 2012 I turned 60 and ten days later, I tripped and broke my right knee. I was a little reluctant about what kind of pain I was going to experience in recovery. I was pleasantly surprised at my first appointment at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics, I was shown to a private little cubicle and matched up with Lindsay, my physical therapist. I felt comfortable the minute Lindsay walked in. She listened to me, was very gentle, and compassionate. Since that first session, I have worked very hard to gain my mobility. The exercises have been doable and I even enjoy some of the machines. After eight sessions, I've gained full range of motion, and now my next eight sessions will be on targeting the strengthening of my muscles, which atrophied over the eight weeks of inactivity while my patella, knitted back together. I'm thinking I'll be better than ever once I've completed my recovery and intend to continue using these exercises so that I'll stay strong in my "golden" years.  Thanks Sierra Pacific Orthopedics." --  Mari M.

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