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"Having worked the orthopedic floor at Community Regional Medical Center, I saw the great results of Dr. Gill's patients. Dr. Gill replaced both my knees at age 55; one in December of 2012 and one in February of  2013. With each knee, I went home next day and walked without a walker by day seven after surgery! I continued to use the continuous passive motion machine (CPM), did my home exercises, and physical therapy. The result is a great recovery with continuous improvement in both knees for a full year after each surgery! My primary orthopedic physician recommended Dr. Thomas to replace my right shoulder. In December 2012, Dr. Thomas replaced my right shoulder at Saint Agnes. This went as well as my knee surgeries. I went home next day and have done well with exercise and physical therapy. All the staff I have encountered at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics have been very professional and kind. This includes Drs. Gill and Thomas’s personal staff, the lab, MRI, and physical therapy department. The Sierra Pacific Orthopedics therapists, assistants, and administrative staff have ALL been wonderfully professional, kind, and accommodating." -- Syliva A.

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