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"I have been a patient of Dr. Tanner for problems with my hands for many years. The carpal tunnel syndrome was becoming severe; waking me up at night and numbing my hands during the day. A cortisone injection last fall helped postpone surgery until I was able to temporarily leave my employment, which requires use of both hands. On February 13, I had surgery on my left hand - for the carpal tunnel problem - and on a finger deformed from arthritis. The staff at Summit Surgical was amazing. From check-in at the front desk, to discharge, everyone was kind, caring, and competent. I witnessed thorough infection control, as staff members disinfected gurneys, pillows, and other hard surfaces, increasing my confidence in the facility. I did see Dr. Tanner for a brief visit before surgery and he was efficient and exacting. The anesthesiologist was so informative and he encouraged my participation in decisions about anesthesia; I truly appreciated that." -- Jean K.

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