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"I had an accident where I hit a deer and rolled over a cliff. I had 83 fractures (two compound, hip and ankle). I was 29 then and am now 68. As you get older, arthritis sets in. I had an MRI in 2011 that showed I had disc damage  in my back causing a pinched nerve (numbness and pain in legs and lower back). Dr. Aryan had viewed the MRI and found the problem right away. He said it was up to me, but the pain would probably tell me when I couldn't go any longer without surgery. A couple of months later, I was back. Surgery was performed on October 31st 2011. A few hours after surgery, I was walking with no pain. Overall, it's 90% better. I can happily leave with that. Thank you, Dr. Aryan and Nick." --Roger C.

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