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"Having so many excellent doctors in one location has been a blessing for me. My regular doctor, Rod Kraft, M.D., has been able to access my back condition and sent me to Dr. Connor Telles. Dr. Telles did the back surgery in November. He also detected some narrowing in the spine/neck region and referred me on to Dr. Wiens for tests, which resulted in an appoitment with Dr. Tanner, a hand specialist.  During this time, I was having problems with my shoulder, and Dr. Kraft accessed my problem and referred me to Dr. Hanson's office where I saw Greg Mellor, P.A.-C., who is now setting me up for surgery.  Why this has worked so smoothly is they share information, such as x-rays, MRI's, surgery information, and a whole range of information. All have been very professional and work as a team to make my life better.  If it has to be, for me it's going to be Sierra Pacific Orthopedics." --Darwin B.

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