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"I waited a long time for a neurosurgeon to come here that had the training and knowledge and experience to help me and my spine. When I heard that Dr. Aryan was coming, I looked up his background and specialties and decided I would wait for as long as it took for him to move his practice here. He was definitely worth waiting for.

I had already had four previous spine surgeries and now my vertebrae were kind of collapsing on top of each other. UC San Francisco told me I wasn't bad enough for surgery. The next year, I saw Dr. Aryan. He spent about 10 seconds looking at my MRI and said, "You need surgery." Finally, a doctor who understood what he was seeing and wasn't going to wait until I was 'bad enough,' whatever that meant.

It was the hardest and most painful recovery of all of my five back surgeries, but I would do it all over again. Eight titanium screws and four rods later, I can't tell you how I feel. To have a stable lower spine, discs that are spaced like they should be and knowing it would stay that way forever was something I hadn't had since 1980. I would be lost without Dr. Aryan" --Juliann B.

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