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"My most recent problem taken to SPOC was a 25-year-old shoulder injury that caused continued dislocations. It was suggested that I have a reverse total shoulder replacement, but my doctor was in the Los Angeles area, and I had no transportation to and from. I had recently had left wrist and hand surgery with Dr. Tanner and asked for his help in getting the appropriate doctor for my shoulder problem. He made arrangements for me to see Dr. Thomas, and within one month, I had seen him for a consultation and then had my shoulder replacement. It is so wonderful to have a stable shoulder and be able to drive, eat, and do many other daily living skills with my right hand that I have not been able to do in 25 years.

"I will go to the doctors at SPOC for any future orthopedic problems and will recommend friends to SPOC also." --Renee H.

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