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"I first saw Dr. Aryan for what I had been told by doctors in Visalia was a problem with several of my lower discs. Fortunately, he was able to determine that it was NOT my back that was the problem. He referred me to Dr. Thaxter for a hip problem. Dr Thaxter diagnosed the problem, fully explained to me the options and risks, and ultimately gave me several shots. This has significantly relieved the pain so I can sleep at night without being awakened in pain!

"Most recently, I was again referred to Sierra Pacific Orthopedics for a problem with my arthritic knees. After X-rays and an MRI, Dr. Ghazal and his PAs have been treating me with shots in both knees to provide artificial lubricant. My last shots are scheduled for June, but i can already feel the positive impact! Less pain and stiffness, more flexibility, and increased ease of walking.
"Everyone I have encountered at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics has been friendly, helpful, professional, and given me a great sense of comfort and security that I am in good hands!" --Steve K.
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