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"My left hand, little finger, had developed a restriction, pulling the little finger and the one next to it down into a closed position.  This was aggravating and caused difficulty in my use of the computer at my job.  Since I mostly compose and modify legal documents, it was a condition that had to be corrected.

"Upon my first visit, the problem was diagnosed as Dupuytren's contracture, an inherited problem. I elected to have a procedure where a chemical injection is made into the restriction, which after two days, resulted in the destruction of the restriction that was causing the fingers to be in a semi-closed position.  After one week, I have regained full use of the hand and can place my palm flat on a table with fingers fully extended. The procedure was quick, though with some pain, and performed by a competent and positive-thinking physician; Dr. Alexander Majors. Thank you." --Warren W.

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