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"On my first visit, the tech took X-rays of my feet. I then saw the RN, Joann, where she explained the diagnosis on my feet. Hammer toes...sounds not too invasive,. However, I was down from walking 5-8miles a day to only chores that had to be done. It turned out I had an old fracture and two dislocated toes. She asked if I wanted the surgery and if I wanted both feet done in one surgery. I agreed on both feet.

"The next appointment, I saw Dr. Glaser. He went over all aspects of the before, during, and after surgical procedures. My surgery appointment was made. I had four toes on one foot with pins and two toes on the other foot. The doctor had put in screws, pins, and cut off some bone. Everything was oka; no complications. Sutures come out in two weeks, then pins out two weeks after that, and in four weeks, I will be out of my surgical shoes and into regular shoes. I was highly impressed. My husband and I drive over 100 miles round trip for each visit, and if we need orthopedic surgery or care, we will do it again." --Brenda C.

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