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"Though a member of the white-collar fraternity, I was for most of my 70 years the neighborhood oddity who mowed and maintained his own lawn/yard, swim pool, boat, family automobiles, etc. Nearly simultaneous with my 70th birthday, I began experiencing severe leg pain, which an MRI revealed was due in large measure to spinal stenosis. In a matter of weeks, the pain increased and limited my standing/walking to no more than two minutes. Timothy Watson, M.D., suggested surgery -- the insertion of X-stops -- but an upcoming vacation/cruise delayed the surgery for more than a month.  As an alternative, spinal injections by Jerry Smith, M.D., provided temporary relief, as he had predicted.

The surgery was performed 6/26/13. Six hours after arriving at the hospital, I was home and for the first time in months walking without having to bend at the waist. I experienced a few days of soreness along the incision/stitches, but Dr. Watson's work was so perfect that I never required the pain and/or muscle relaxants he had prescribed. My experience with the entire Sierra Pacific Orthopedics staff was nothing short of sensational. The physicians and staff are friendly, compassionate, attentive and thoroughly professional.  My experience mirrors that of my mother who several years ago underwent a hip replacement (another Sierra Pacific Orthopedics physician). Should anyone require orthopedic care, I would very strongly recommend Sierra Pacific Orthopedics. It is, in my opinion, the dimension by which all orthopedic care facilities should be measured." -- Don S.

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