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"Dr. Eric Hanson performed a complete left knee replacement in 2008 and following physical therapy I returned to my normal activities pain free for the first time in many months. In June of 2013 Dr. Hanson performed a complete knee replacement of my right knee. This procedure also went very well and I had almost no pain following the procedure. Again I did the physical therapy as ordered and was walking pain free. On September 30, 2013 I awoke to terrible pain in my left knee. I went to the emergency room at St. Agnes and was diagnosed with an infection in that knee. I was admitted and Dr. Telles performed an operation to clean out the infection the next morning. Dr. Hanson was out of town with the Fresno State football team and was unavailable. That is why Dr. Telles performed the surgery. After more physical therapy I am once again back to normal activities and doing things I haven't done in years. I am very pleased with the entire team at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics from the doctors to the front office people. I would readily recommend you to anyone in need of orthopedic care." -- John K.

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