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"In September of 2012, I had a total knee replacement due to an accident at work. From the very beginning, I felt like there was something wrong, but when my wife and I took our concerns to our primary care doctor, he would tell me that 'we worried too much' and not listen to our concerns. In Feb. he took X-rays and said everything was fine, and when I told him the knee was swollen and warm, he decided to draw fluid from the knee and give me a cortisone injection; the fluid had blood in it.

"When I went back in March, my wife asked what were the results of the culture, and we were informed that one was not run. We asked other questions, and we were basically ignored and the doctor wanted to send me back to work and send me to a Q and E panel.  My knee was no better than before the replacement so I went back to my wokers' compensation doctor and asked for a second opinion. After a couple of doctors turned me down, we found Dr. Thomas at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics, who accepted us.

"At my first appointment, X-rays were taken and more blood-filled fluid was drawn from my knee; this was 9 months after my first surgery. What Dr. Thomas said to my wife and I took us totally off guard; I needed to have another total knee replacement. The knee put in was too small, not straight, and the spacing was off, along with a couple of other problems. I gave Dr. Thomas permission to do the surgery and on July 2nd the surgery was done. It has been 37 days since my surgery, and I am doing so much better than I was at this point after the first surgery. Dr. Thomas and the surgical team at Saint Agnes did a fantastic job, and I am hoping for close to 100% recovery. Dr. Thomas and his teams at Saint Agnes and at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics have treated my wife and me with the utmost respect, and we thank them for it.  If Dr. Thomas had done the first surgery, I would still be working instead of having to retire." --John C.

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