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"I did a lot of damage to my knees during my years of firefighting. I was missing out on activities my husband, Rod and I enjoy. I am 46, and not ready to slow down! My left knee was consistently the worse of the two, so that's the one Dr. Gill addressed first. MRIs and X-rays revealed that I had almost no cartilage remaining on the outside of the left knee and under my patella. The right side was still amazingly good, so Dr. Gill decided on a patella-femoral, also known as a partial knee replacement. Dr. Gill is my hero! I am back to riding my bike and hiking on the hills around our home. It has been about a year, and as good as I feel, it seems that my new knee leg is still getting stronger. I will not hesitate to have Dr. Gill replace my right knee when it comes to that. I tell people all the time how wonderful the doctors are at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics. Thank you, Dr. Gill!!" -- Jennifer N.

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