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"I am a very active 60-year-old woman who, with my husband Mark, works out six days a week and hikes whenever we can get away. So when a shoulder injury last year put a damper on my activities, I was not too happy. Thinking it would heal quickly, I let it go for a few months. The shoulder pain only worsened, until I lost almost all range of motion. After begging my regular doctor for an MRI, he finally sent me to Sierra Pacific Orthopedics where I met with Dr. Dunklin. The MRI report came back as frozen shoulder. I had never heard of that before, but that fit my symptoms well. Through physical therapy and lots of home exercises, I am almost back to normal.  Mark and I are looking forward to a week of hiking at Zion and Canyonlands National parks in October. I want to thank Drs. Dunklin and Taylor for their kindness and the care and help I received from your offices. God bless!" -- Judith B.

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