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"It all started when I first moved to Fresno. Dr. Rod Kraft became my family doctor. He then moved to Sierra Pacific Orthopaedics and I followed. I had meniscus tears in both knees. Dr. Hanson fixed those.  Then arthritis started affecting my body.  Thumbs went first and I convinced Dr. Tanner to do both in one surgery day. It was a great success and of course cut in half recovery, physical therapy, etc. I have been seeing Dr. Smith for quite awhile due to serious spinal degeneration. He has been treating me with injections.  And lastly, this year I fell and broke my wrist.  I saw Dr. Tanner, who was leaving the next day for vacation. So, Dr. Johnson took me on and repaired the break!  Every doctor I encountered was considerate and genuinely interested in my well being. It's my go to place!" -- Janet B.

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