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"I've had both knees replaced by Dr. Gill, one last summer and one this summer.  I can't say enough about how pleased I was with the entire experience.  Both surgeries went well and my recovery time was much less than I expected and much less painful than I ever could have hoped for. Even physical therapy went well and I had the therapist really push me. The second surgery went especially well.  I could move my entire leg without any help from the time I woke up in the recovery room.  My wife never had to help me once with getting out of bed or a chair or the car.  I quit using the walker within three days and was off the medication within a week.  I was back to full extension and flexion numbers from pre-surgery measurements within three and a half weeks. I am back to work, going up and down two flights of stairs with no problems and I'm doing all my farm chores at the alpaca ranch with no problems at all.   I know what family members have gone through with the old type of surgery and I would recommend this new minimum invasive procedure to anyone.  Thank you Dr. Gill and your entire staff who always treated me well." --Roger H.

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