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"Dr. David Taylor has seen me through several hip replacements, shoulder tears, and knee tears. He has been my angel here on earth with his great god given talent for surgeries and no infections. His compassion has been excellent. I am now waiting for a knee replacement (first knee replacement) & the confidence I have in him brings me such relief. His nurse George has always been courteous and so helpful when I have called. His assistant Todd has helped me through all the pre-op information that is needed. Thanks to all the staff. I would and have recommend in a heartbeat.

Dr. Tanner has seen me for finger and wrist repairs. This last surgery with Dr. Tanner was for my right hand that swelled to the point where I could not close my fingers or drive.  He saved me from almost losing my hand with his excellent care. When I went to see him, he put me immediately in the hospital. My thanks to his excellent god given talent would recommend him in a heartbeat." -- Janet K.

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