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"I have had the pleasure of being treated by Dr. Dunklin, Dr. Ghazal, Dr. Johnson, Dr. Hanson, and Dr. Glaser for fractures in various places. My surgeries included two for a torn meniscus, one external fixator for fracture of arm and wrist.  Six months ago, I fractured my ankle and foot, which meant spending three months in a boot.  Two weeks ago, I fractured my fibula, ankle and foot again.  I am going to undergo a complete shoulder replacement as soon as I recover.  I am eighty-four years old and trip a lot. All of the treatment and surgeries have been such a pleasant experience by caring and sensitive physicians.

The surgery wing is the best. They have kind and gentle nurses with lovely surroundings that made my stay enjoyable. I sent candy to the staff after my surgery because they were so special. I was apprehensive and fearful but they knew how to comfort me. We are so blessed to have such skilled orthopedist right here in Fresno. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude." -- Ruth P.

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