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"I had knee replacement surgery this past summer. The left knee in June and the right knee in July. Due to the arthritis in both knees over the years, I became less active.  I no longer went for walks, rode my bicycle, or any other activities where I had to walk or stand for any length of time. In short, my life had become going to work, coming home, and putting my feet up to stay off my legs. Though I have just recently had surgery, there is a vast improvement in my quality of life. I am going on short walks in the mornings and riding my stationary bike everyday. I also am looking forward to start horseback riding, which I had to give up. I feel like I have my life back and I feel great. Thank you so very much. Without the surgery, I would still be in horrible pain with my feet up everyday after work. A side effect of my knee surgery is a weight loss of fifteen pounds! Dr. Gill, you and your staff were and are great. There are really no words to adequately express my thankfulness." -- Mary M.

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