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"In the past 12 years, I've had multiple surgeries to repair damaged shoulders due to a bad skiing fall and an auto accident. My shoulders were replaced 10 and 11 yrs ago, by different doctors. Due to pain, deterioration, and complications from arthritis and inability to effectively use my shoulders, I was referred to Dr. Thomas. He performed a “reverse shoulder replacement” on my right shoulder. My other doctors and physical therapist told me to expect a lot of severe pain with this surgery. However, within four days of returning home from the hospital, I HAD NO PAIN. Soreness, yes, but no pain. With Dr. Thomas' carefully designed physical therapy routine, I now have greater range of motion, more strength AND NO PAIN. Of the “shoulder replacement” patients joining me in physical therapy, three of us had Dr. Thomas as our surgeon and none of us experienced the shoulder pain we had been expecting.  Of course, everyone’s injuries are different and results vary, however, other patients in our physical therapy sessions are jealous!  I have trust and respect for both Dr. Thomas and Ken Bangs, NA. The office is well run, organized, and thoughtfully efficient. In fact, I am scheduled for the same reverse replacement surgery on my left shoulder in four weeks." -- Anne-Jeannette R.

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