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"I have utilized the physicians at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics for several years. Recently, I injured my foot. I went to see my local physician in my area and an x-ray was done. I was told there was no fracture and was sent home on pain medications. The pain in my foot continued to be significant and I felt it necessary to ask for another examination. A repeat x-ray was done and at that point, three physicians reviewed the new x-ray and informed me again that no fracture was seen and I was sent home to continue on pain medications.

Almost six weeks later, the pain continued to be significant and I was having problems ambulating. I contacted Sierra Pacific Orthopedics and was referred to Dr. Schulz office. On my first visit, I saw Kirk Johnson P.A.-C. in Dr. Schulz office. I found him to be pleasant, professional, and very thorough in his examination. A repeat x-ray was done, which revealed a healing fracture of my foot. He prescribed a fracture boot for me to wear. It is now three days after my visit and since I have been using the boot and following his recommendations I have no pain. I now know I am on my way to recovery. I cannot give enough praise to Sierra Pacific Orthopedics and I am thankful for the physicians and their staff. If it were not for Kirk, I would continue to be in pain from my fracture." -- Sandra I.

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