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"A seemingly non-serious twist of my right knee last winter as I ambled along turned out to be painful each time I exercised. Touring the USA during the Summer was awful, with all the walking required at major league baseball parks, New York City and Washington D.C., but I just kept going.

Upon return from vacation, it was time to call in the first people I could think of for help, the doctors at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics. I was booked for an appointment with Dr. Dunklin, and within days, was starting the steps to diagnose the source of the pain and inflammation. I had arthroscopic surgery to remove debris causing the trouble, with minimal inconvenience and prompt follow-up to make sure the treatment was working. It was the right move for me, since I am back on a fairly demanding workout schedule for someone my age (61), with good direction from Dr. Dunklin on just how much "my new knee" will do for me.

Special appreciation to Marti and the other staff members who know how to handle the concerns of someone who is not accustomed to medical and hospital environments. She and her colleagues exhibit a high degree of professionalism in carrying out excellent patient care and guidance. Three cheers for the great people at Sierra Pacific Orthopedics!" -- William B.

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