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"My knee problems began 10 years ago when I fell on raised sidewalk while walking in Hilo, Hawaii. I had severe lacerations on both knees but didn't realize the damage done to my joints until months later. When my right knee became unbearably painful, I tried all of the usual treatments prior to having major surgery. But eventually, I had to have a full knee replacement, which was done by Dr. Taylor in May 2010.  I was literally stunned with the amount of pain I experienced following surgery, but within 9 to 12 months, I felt ready to travel again and grateful to Dr. Taylor and his staff for making it possible. When my left knee was injured, while I was in New York in May 2012, I told Dr. Taylor, "I'll do anything to avoid knee replacement!"  So, I did everything else, until I found myself staying at home more and more, becoming virtually an invalid. I finally gave up and was scheduled for surgery September 24, 2013. The morning of surgery, I told Dr. Taylor "I need to get this over with so I can go to Viet Nam and Cambodia." His response was neutral, at best. :)  This time, I gave it my best effort and recovery proceeded faster than I believed possible. In short, I returned from my 17-day trip to those countries March 15, 2014 and I cannot adequately express my gratitude to George Gomez, Todd Braner, and Dr. David Taylor for giving me back my life. They are definitely like family to me." -- Nancy G.

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