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"I could not be more pleased with the care I received from Dr. Michele Schulz.  I had bone on bone pain from arthritis in my right knee and total knee replacement was scheduled. Her office staff scheduled the surgery date, got in touch with my choice of Fresno Surgical Center, and everything went like clockwork from there.They scheduled with the hospital for the date and the hospital called to have me come in for an orientation before surgery. It was very helpful to know what the procedure would be. Everyone there was great from the time I walked into the hospital at the reception area, to preparation for surgery, all the way to my release.

A great big thank you to Dr. Michele Schulz, Kirk Johnson, PA-C, Timothy Pickering, anesthesiologist, Jamey R.N., Candice ORT and Meridith Herera, who was my in-patient prep nurse.  And to all the staff at Dr. Schulz's office and at Fresno Surgical Hospital Second Floor. God Bless You All." -- Janet M.

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